Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sock Summit or bust!

Only one more sleep! I head over to Gladys' tonite and we're off tomorrow morning. Our plan is to arrive in time for the marketplace opening. Gladys has a huge shopping list and I'll be helping her.

We'll try to blog while we're there but I don't know what kind of internet access we'll have. In any case, we'll have a full report when we get back so keep your eyes peeled.

Ricky sez, "I'll be waiting for you."


loopykd said...

I so wish I could have gone. Have a great time!

Chris said...

Wait, Ricky is upside down in the first picture, isn't he?!

Have fun!

PurlingPirate said...

I will be waiting for you too!!! You and your full report!! And photos of all the great stuff y'all bought!

Bea said...

Yeah! Fun fun!

Oh Ricky you crazy guy.

geela said...

That cat oughta be in the movies. I guess we're all looking forward to your report.