Saturday, May 15, 2010

snip snip tweet tweet

There's one month and 4 days til the big ride and I'm busy working on both the raffle quilt and the auction quilt. The raffle quilt is basted and is waiting for me to machine quilt. But before I can machine quilt, I need to finish the applique stitching on the birdie blocks because I don't want to fiddle with the setting on my sewing machine.

The blocks are done and I got to cut out the background fabric with some fancy scissors that I borrowed from a friend.

Here's an after picture:

Those scissors work like a charm. I don't have to worry about accidentally cutting the foreground fabric.

After finishing the other socks, I felt like casting on a new pair right away. Such pretty yarn!!!! Wish I'd bought more of it when it was locally available.


CraftyCanadian said...

LOVE the birdie motif! grr you make me want to take up quilting... just what I need ANOTHER hobby ;)

ColorSlut said...

The bird is fantastic!

PurlingPirate said...

Look at you!! So multi-crafty! The bird is very cute! And I love that sock!