Saturday, December 22, 2007

baking, shopping, and even some knitting

I went over to my parents' house on Thurs and spent the day baking with Mom. We made about 6 doz sugar cookies, 4 doz shortbread cookies, and 2 and a half doz butter tarts. I think that'll do nicely for fattening up my nieces when they show up later today. My deep freezer is loaded with some appys that I made earlier in the week (mini quiches and chicken wings). I also made a huge tub of spinach dip and some carmelized onion spread/dip which takes care of the savory snacks. I think that between myself and my parents, we have enough food to feed everyone (for at least a few days ;).

And despite the crowds, I've been doing a little shopping (while out delivering Christmas prezzies). Dollarama yielded some great stickers for the nieces to play with plus some vinyl placemats for sock blockers. We went to Daiso yesterday and I bought more chopstick holders for my dpns and I picked up a 3 pack of crochet hooks (1mm, 0.9mm, and 0.75mm) for beading lace. I also bought a plastic case to hold my ever growing collection of variegated quilting threads.

In between the baking and the shopping, I've been busy knitting. I finished sock #1 for Pauline.

I should've been knitting the puppet mitts. They are almost finished.

I just have to knit the pinky on one mitten, seam up the side, weave in the ends, embroider the eyes, nose, mouth, sew on the hair, and attach the i-cord.

I received a very unexpected package this week.

Ronnie sent me Tudora and Fetching. Thanks so very much, Ronnie! They're soooooooooo soft. She made them from the leftover cashmere (!!!) from the dressing gown that she knit for herself (do follow the link - it is worth it).

We have more presents to deliver today and one more Christmas gift to buy. Hubby is already working on his Boxing Day shopping list LOL! I had a quick peek and he's planning to expand his collection of Xbox 360 games.

Well, I should get back to work on those puppet mittens before we head out for the day. Maybe I'll get them finished tonite and then I can finish my Trekking socks!

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PurlingPirate said...

I think I want to come to your house and just graze! Yummy foods!!!

Love your gifted knitted items! So nice!