Tuesday, December 11, 2007

mitten FO and socks

My mitts are done!

Pattern: Cabled fingerless gloves (Panda Wool Mitts on Ravelry)
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Extra, 2 skeins in colour 3685
Needles: 3.25mm Susan Bates Silvalume dpns (love, love these needles!)
Mods: knit the fingers longer for more coverage
Notes: There are 2 errors in the pattern. Under Right Thumb where it says "work 8 stitches at top in pattern", it should actually say "work 7 stitches at top in pattern". Under Left Glove where it says "work 7 stitches in pattern" in 2 places, both should be replaced with "work 8 stitches in pattern". I've alerted the pattern designer so hopefully, the errors will be fixed. There were lots of breaks in one of the skeins - the other one was fine. They feel a bit itchy around the wrists but I'm hoping a Eucalan bath will fix that problem.

And this is how much I like 'em:

Hubby was helping me photograph the mitts so we got a bit silly. Now that the needles are free, I should start those puppet mittens, eh?

Nah! It's time for some socks.

We were watching Pushing Daisies episode 8 (hubby hadn't seen it yet) via broadband Mon night and I can't watch and knit the mitten at the same time so I cast on a pair of socks. These are a commission. I made the first pair waaaay back in Sept. It feels like I haven't knit socks in ages. I am using the Susan Bates Silvalume dpns and I do like them. They feel nicer than my usual steel dpns and I can definitely tell they're lighter. It will be interesting to see if I'll bend the aluminum the way I bend bamboo.

While I was tidying up earlier this week, I realized that I no longer have any sportweight yarn to make hubby socks with. I bought 2 skeins earlier this year and I used one skein for mittens and one skein for his Christmas socks. So I did a little searching and I found some Regia 6ply in manly colours at Herrchners. I only ordered 3 skeins because I don't know whether I can standing knitting plain socks with solid yarn. Maybe it's time he got some patterned socks...

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