Sunday, December 2, 2007

bbq and the white stuff

Phew! What a weekend! I finally finished the charted knitting on Anna's Christmas present. Talk about crazy. I can see that I will never knit one for myself because it would kill me to have that many stitches on the needle at one time. It should be smooth sailing from now on. I have hopes that I will finish in time even if it did take me over 2 days to knit 18 rows.

I finally yanked a bunch of pictures from my camera. Here's one of myself and Angela with the double maple leaf quilt that we made for her. She seems pretty pleased with it. And it's the first picture of me and my new 'do'. It's a lot shorter than before and I keep forgetting to use less shampoo in the shower.

Hubby worked late all week per his manager's request. And when the team works late, the company brings in food. Well... They brought in food from Mephis Blues BBQ House. I am a big fan of BBQ - in fact, many times we've eaten at Dem Bones on Valentine's Day because that's what I wanted. But over the years, Dem Bones has declined so I've been looking for a new bbq place. A few years ago, I heard about Memphis Blues. It's not very close to us so we've never managed to eat there. But all that changed when hubby ate it at work and didn't bother to bring me even a little scrap of pulled pork (he's brought me double chocolate chip cookies from previous work dinners). He knew I was disappointed so he ordered the Memphis feast to-go and brought it home for supper on Fri night. It was awesome!!!!!

This picture shows what's left - after we'd both eaten. See the drumstick at the bottom of the picture - that's an average chicken drumstick so that you can understand the size of that platter. When hubby walked in the door, he handed me the take-out bag and I nearly dropped it because it was so heavy. I weighed it - 7lbs 12ozs!!! In addition to the meat, there was a container of slaw, potato salad, beans, bbq sauce, and a packet of fries and corn bread. All the food was wrapped up in huge packets of tin foil (because they don't make take-out containers big enough?). We finally finished eating it all tonite. So the Memphis feast supplied us with enough food for Fri supper, Sat lunch, Sat supper (hubby only), and Sun supper.

So my party girl self went over to Angela's (same one as above) on Fri night for a Pampered Chef party. I bought a BBQ bottle brush, some bamboo cooking spoons, and a jar of the cinnamon sugar sprinkles. Yum!

I continued to party on Sat night when I went out to supper with the Quilters' Haven gang. Driving home was tricky because it snowed a lot while I was there. I took the flatest route home and still ended up kissing a curb coming down a hill. There was a pretty serious accident at one of the intersections. And today, we saw another accident where the trees won and the car lost.

Our snow covered house:

Hubby even measured the snow with his measuring tape.

Hubby and I were outside decorating the house while it was snowing - a first. Today, we put up the tree and decorated the living room while watching the snow fall. But it's started raining and the snow's turning to slush. Ick! Snow never really lasts out here which is fine by me because I have to head out tomorrow and do some shopping!

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Gabrielle said...

I want to come b-a-c-k... have BBQ food AND snow. It is quite simply, just not f-a-i-r!

B and L even had a snowball fight in the garden yesterday. Can you feel me pouting all the way from London?!

I am going to try to wait until B arrives to put up Christmas decorations (so that we can do it together). So my house is going to remain stubbornly unfestive until about the 22/12! Oh well...