Sunday, December 9, 2007

FSOT: one slightly used hubby

So what constitutes grounds for a divorce? Taking flash pictures of your wife early on a Saturday morning while she's still asleep and waking her up in the process is a good one. I mean really - so what if I was sleeping right in the middle of the bed (flat on my back, head between both pillows, legs all over...) Yeesh! Sometimes I don't know what gets into him.

OK - enough whining and back to knitting. I have completely finished Anna's Christmas present. It is ready to wrap! I'm doing my little happy dance. So here's an update on my Christmas knitting:
- Mom's cardigan check
- Anna's mumble mumble mumble check
- Hubby's socks check
- mittens for M not started yet (need to finish another project to free up the needles needed for the mittens)

It's only Dec 9th so I'll be finished with time to spare!

A few weeks ago, my Mom asked me to borrow my cat. I asked which one she wanted - Ricky or Phoebe. She didn't mean a real cat. She meant my stuffed cat because my nieces each have the same stuffed cat and my Mom wanted to knit the cats outfits for Christmas (yes, Mom's getting old and wacky). So I loaned her Mao Mao and this is what she returned to me yesterday night:

You should see the outfits she made for my nieces' cats! Mom needs a new hobby.

It was Dad's bday last week and we went over for supper yesterday. I brought the birthday candles.

It just cracks me up to see the birthday cake shaped candle on top of the slice of cake.

I finally got into the sewing room today. I'd bought some cat fabric quite awhile ago with the plan to make little quilts for my cats to sleep on/under. They need their own quilts because they hog the people quilts.

I made 5 today - 3 small and 2 med. I still need to make a large one. Here's Ricky enjoying the new quilts:

Speaking of Ricky, he's been a bad boy. We have Christmas lights hanging in the windows and when the drapes are closed he thinks the lights are something that he can play with.

But if you open the drapes, he loses interest and wanders away. There is nothing you can do to get him to stop except to open the drapes. Do you see the other bad thing he's doing? Sitting on hubby's iBook. Bad Ricky!

Don't forget - only 16 days til Christmas!

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