Thursday, December 6, 2007

mmmm.... yarn

I got a package in the mail today.

Some Sweet Georgia in Snapdragon!!!!! I could never wear these colours in public but they'll do fine as socks. Ravelry is a great place to shop for yarn.

Our quilting group went out to the Thread Bear for one last lunch before the tea shop closes for good in a few weeks. And I added a new cat to our family.

Her name is Evangeline and she's now sitting beside Calliope in our dining room. Isn't she pretty? I also bought some fortune cookie fabric and a Japanese kimono panel. Don't know what I'll do with either of the fabrics... I also picked up a spool of Aurifil 50% wool/50% acrylic hand sewing thread. I'm going to see if it works well for reinforcing sock heels. I don't like using wooly nylon - it makes the heel too thick.

And when I got home, I set out to block Anna's Christmas present. While it was soaking in some Eucalan (boy, did it bleed a lot!), I laid out some towels on the guest bed. When I went back upstairs with the item, Ricky had materialized out of nowhere and was passed out on the blocking towels. Yeesh.

He was quickly shoo'd off the bed. The item is blocking with the door to the room firmly shut. One sleeve seems to be a little longer than the other but hopefully, they'll be the same length when they're dry. I've got 3 blocking wires in it to keep straight things straight. I tried patting it into place but the edges just ended up all wobbly. O.R.K. - if you're reading this, make sure you wash your blocking wires before you use them. There's definitely some residue on the wires and you don't want it staining your knitwear.

There is still some indecision over which notion to use. I took the options and the item to knit nite and the votes were pretty much split between the 2 choices. In any case, I will think about it some more and maybe having the item blocked will make a difference.

News flash - my lys now carries Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn!!!!! This is my favourite sock yarn and now I can buy it in person. Yahoo!


CraftyCanadian said...

Oooh I'm jealous of the snapdragon Sweet Georgia! Nice score :)

Gabrielle said...

Good tip, thank you - I will! Not had an occasion to use them yet but am planning to finish off the phyllo yoked sweater in January (it's found a home), so will test them out then!

Ann K. @ Yellow House Treasures said...

Hey - the Sweet Georgia is the EXACT skein I have. I bought it from another's destash. It was already wound into a ball... but never used.
Did you already start something with it? Any chance you'd like a second skein? I like it but don't LOVE it.
Lemme know!