Saturday, December 15, 2007

mmmmm.... socks

I love knitting socks! It is so nice to be knitting them again. Pauline's first sock is almost done.

I got bored of knitting it so I started a sock for myself.

Do you recognize the yarn, Purling Pirate? I love this colourway. The striping is completely unpredictable. I tried the sock on and it's a little too long so I'm going to rip it back and reknit the heel.

And I did start the puppet mitten.

The thumb's finished and the stitches for the pinkie are held on scrap yarn while I knit the top. It's a quick knit but fiddly because you knit, then you sew a seam, you knit some more, you sew another seam, etc. I don't care - they're going to be so cute when they're finished.

1 comment:

PurlingPirate said...

Would that be trekking? Maybe a "wee" sock of a thing?! Looks great! I'm looking forward to some knitting time soon!