Thursday, September 4, 2008

did someone say yarn sale?

Oh my! My lys had a great weekend sale. I smartly refused to line up on Sat morning and took my chances (that there would be some yarn left) and didn't venture into the store until late Sun afternoon. I wasn't disappointed:

L to R: Malabrigo sock col. Persia (purchased at the lys but after the sale), Blackberry Ridge wool/silk lace col. dk. chicory, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock col. African Grey, Koigu Kersti, Socks That Rock Lightweight col. Lauma, Socks That Rock Lightweight col. Korppi (STR purchased from Blue Moon using the gift certificate that Gladys gave me for my birthday), (at the bottom) Noro Silk Garden Sock col. S84.

Of course, the sale emptied the shelves so they were restocked with new stuff like Malabrigo sock (I limited myself to one skein) and Misti Alpaca sock (which I sadly put back because I'd already bought too much; maybe next week ;). I was also tempted by the undyed Malabrigo (sock and regular)...

When I got home, I flashed the Malabrigo at hubby (who usually shows no interest) and he actually made some very nice comments. So after some discussion, I'm going to knit him a hat with it. If anyone has a manly hat suggestion, send it my way.

Thanks, Gladys for posting about our 10th wedding anniversary (my goodness! We look like twins in that picture). Yep, we've been married a loooong time. We went out for dinner and I got to wear a new dress that hubby found most attractive ;) And we gave each other traditional tin/aluminum gifts (hey, a 6 pack of Chunky soup counts!). It was a very lovely evening. And then he gave me a small heart attack...

On Mon evening, hubby went for a bike ride with his cycling group. The phone rings right about when I expect him home. It's a cycling buddy, Tony (also Gladys' husband).

Tony: "Hi, it's Tony. There's been an accident..."
Me: ::gulp::

It turns out that a couple of cyclists crashed into each other and ended up in the ditch. They had to call for an ambulance and one gal has a broken elbow/arm. Ouch! So the ride was delayed because of that and then hubby gave Tony & his bike a lift home because it was too dark to ride back. Hubby really needs a safer hobby.

ETA: Hubby wasn't one of the riders who crashed. He was ahead of them but the whole group got delayed and that's why he was late coming home.

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knitseashore said...

Ouch!!!! I hope Mr. Floozy is feeling better and his bike is OK too.

What a great stash enhancement you have! Over to check out your contest now...

Bea said...

I hope your husband is all right! That sucks.

It was very good of you to take advantage of a sale.

SooZ said...

Good thing I wasn't in town for the sale. I'm frantic to destash, but I think thats about to change.. i have been influenced by your persuasive friend who says 3BF has a 50% Off sale!

Hope to meet you sometime. It appears we live in the same neighborhood. =)