Sunday, September 14, 2008

when life gives you scraps

We interrupt this blog to bring you exciting news. The ever elusive Phoebe has been spotted under the hibiscus plant. Tread softly so that she isn't startled.

But wait... We are being watched. To our left, is the silent hunter known as Ricky. Ever ready to pounce, it seems that he is enjoying a post-breakfast snooze.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog...

It has been a busy few days doing mostly chores while the weather's nice. We discovered another wasp nest so we had to deal with that. I repotted about half of my indoor plants and I tossed a few others. One more plant needs a new pot because the old one is cracked but I ran out of soil.

As you can see, the cats have been chasing after sunny spots and snoozing. They have such a hard life, eh?

I finished an alpaca scarf that I started last August (as in 2007). No pics yet as I need to give it a wash & block cuz it's very lumpy and bumpy. But I did finish something else that I can show you.

My quilting group made one last year. Most of the fabrics were pulled from my scrap bin. I did have to buy a few extra dark purples to balance things out. I love scrappy quilts and this one turned out great. I think I'll also make one out of blue & green scraps. And would you believe that my scrap bin is still really full?

"If I look really cute, can I have the quilt?" - Ricky

Don't forget - my contest ends tonite at midnight. Don't miss out on some great prizes. And check back tomorrow to see who the winners are.


Turtle said...

Such cute kitty pics. I found ours out sleeping inthe mini greenhouse on the back deck this morning as it was a chilly 46 out. She opened her eyes long enough to ask< come pick me up> so spoiled kitty got carried in. Beautiful quilt!

PurlingPirate said...

Just got back from my Mom's. Your kitty pictures perked me right up. And that quilt is gorgeous!!! I love it!!!

Bea said...

They really don't look ready to pounce do they? They look like they are doing exactly what all of mine are doing right now. I love the quilt. I have so many bag scraps that I totally need to dig in and start a new quilt, but I haven't had time yet :( UGHHH....

Dove Knits said...

I love that quilt!