Wednesday, September 10, 2008

fog with attitude*

I'm painting chairs today. So I run outside, paint for 10-15 mins. Then I go inside and wait for an hour. Repeat.

Not much I feel like doing in the hour that I have to wait so you get a quick blog post. And what should I write about? Hmmm - what's on the camera?

My newly cast on sock. This is from a dye-ing experiment with socks blanks from my knitting machine and Kool Aid. Hubby has commented that he likes the blue.

Raspberries from the garden. They look better than they taste. Imagine a regular raspberry with a quarter of the sugar/flavour. Yes, these are incredibly bland. I blame it on the poor weather. But I still eat them.

I was rummaging around in our plastic bag bin and I found this bag. Normally, I see bags with a store logo and maybe a Rocky Mountain logo off to the side. But this one is a little different. Wonder where hubby's been shopping...

* what hubby calls the rain shower he got caught in when cycling to work yesterday morning


PurlingPirate said...

I've been really into brown lately, so I'm totally digging those socks! And you dyed them yourself! Bravo!!

Turtle said...

I have so been in love with blue/brown for the past year or more! (my room at work) i am knitting socks very similar to yours, lol, we have great dyeing taste!

Seema said...

Nice job dyeing the yarn! The colours go so well together.

katerina said...

I keep coming back to the picture of these socks - the blue/brown combo just calls to me every time I'm on your blog - thanks for the yarnpron!