Thursday, September 25, 2008

no quilt is safe

Man, this scarf is addictive. I've already made a second one and it's upstairs blocking.

I found several single skeins when I went stash diving. I don't remember the details of this yarn. The phrase "mulespun" comes to mind and I'm pretty sure it's dyed with natural dyes. Other than that, there were no tags so I have no clue where it's from. I have another skein like this but in a burnt orange colour. The yarn is very soft (once you pick out the vm) even before washing. It doesn't smell as sheepy as the Cascade 220.

Gladys has got me swapping yarn on Ravelry. My first yarn arrived in the mail today - a lovely skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Sierra. It's very nice. Expect to see more yarn p0rn as things slowly arrive.

I went out for lunch and a little fabric shopping with my quilting friends today. It was my first trip to Creative Edge - a new quilt shop in North Vancouver. They had a booth at the quilt show so I was very interested in their store. I bought some swirly fabric to make sheep ornaments with. Plus I got a big piece of skulls with crossed knitting needles. I also bought the Owl and the Pussycat pattern by an Australian design team called Melly & Me (this was the pattern that was sold out at their booth). Of course, I want to make the Pussycat bag. I think their designs are so cute. Too bad my nieces are too old for this sort of stuff.

I've been quilting steadily on the log cabin quilt. When I'm not working on it, I heave it onto the back of the sofa because I don't want the cats sleeping on it or Phoebe chewing on the saftey pins (yes, she does that and can pull one out if she tries hard enough).

So guess who's sleeping in it right now?


ETA: I turfed Ricky off the quilt so that I could work on it. Shortly afterwards, he came back - on my lap and under the quilt. See?


gayle said...

Love that Bearfoot yarn. Nice colours. Good for Ricky snuggling up on your lap while you quilt. There's nothing better than a kitty hug.

PurlingPirate said...

Whatcha gonna do with the Bearfoot? Socks or something else?

The pussycat and owl bags are too adorable!!

Hey, the cats know a great quilt when they see one! I'd be laying on it/under it too!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - stop making me wish I could sew! That owl bag is a riot! Love your little kitty helper - they just love to "help", don't they?