Sunday, May 31, 2009

be careful what you whine for

It was so very hot at the LYS yesterday and there was no fan. I was literally melting behind the counter especially with the hot computer air blowing at me. Blech! But there are plans to install some air conditioning. Hopefully, it'll be in and working before my next hot day!

Other than the heat, the work day was nice. I got to fondle some sample yarns that will show up on the shelves this upcoming fall/winter. And Jayne came in for a little visit. She had her latest and greatest yarn to show off. OMG!!! The pictures don't do the yarn justice. It was so much more awesome in person. She is a great dyer (and spinner and knitter ;).

Looks like my beginners crochet class is a go for next weekend so I'm busy making some revisions to my notes. No one has signed up for my Kids Krochet Kamp so I'm not sure whether I should be prep'ing for that or wait until a few kids sign up. So I'm going to get ready for my Sock Boot Camp class - basically a one day "learn to knit socks". I picked up some yarn for that yesterday and I'm starting to make notes. I was trying to draw a sock shape in MS Word using the draw tools but that wasn't working out so I whined to hubby that a tablet & pen would be really handy right about now. He leaned over, opened a storage box, and pulled out a brand new, unused tablet/pen still in the box. Even the invoice (dated Mar 08) was on top. He's had this thing over a year and (a) he hasn't installed it and (b) he hasn't told me about it. Yeesh! But now it's mine, all mine!

While I was out photographing my garden, I spotted a flat patch in my catmint (a close cousin to catnip). Looks like somekitty has been enjoying it. I often find flat spots and broken branches but the catmint is so vigorous that it recovers almost instantly.

The weather's been lovely here! I hope everyone had a good weekend in the sun!


Anonymous said...

Love the poppies! :whine: want to live where I can grow poppies and peonies and not just mosquitoes endwhine:

But zomg--having graphics tablet appear out of the ether by just asking is unreal. How excellent is that?

Bea said...

I can't believe your husband has been holding out on you like that!