Thursday, May 14, 2009

mmmm chocolate

Yay! I finished my sister's socks.

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Stile; 1 skein of col 8004
Needles: 2.25mm
Pattern: my usual 60 st toe-up, sr heel/toe sock
Notes: Made the leg extra long to keep the cold wind out. Royally screwed up the second sock. Had to unpick the short row toe and reknit. My 41st pair of socks.

My next pair of socks will be knit for Vicki - the winner of the Ride2Survive sock raffle. I've got the yarn, needles, and pattern. She's asked that this be a surprise so I can't post progress here or on Ravelry. I will have to distract you with more Ricky pictures.

When I got home from knit nite yesterday, there were two packages waiting for me! The first one had yarn that I swapped chocolate for but the other one was my Pushing Daisies swap package.

Thanks, Maria! She sent me some lovely alpaca/silk lace, iced tea, lip balm, stitch markers, and a little pouch of Eucalan. And Maria's a baker (currently taking baking/pastry classes at culinary school) so she sent me 7 ginormous chocolate chunk/chip cookies. One was immediately inhaled and I might have eaten one for breakfast this morning. They're really good.

Phoebe insists that I give her equal time on this blog so I present "Tortie and her toys":


Bea said...

She's very cute too. I love that she's hoarded her toys into a neat little pile...

knitseashore said...


I am so so sorry that I missed the fundraiser for Tony. Ironically I spent many of these days with my dad in the hospital or at home, where he was dealing with the side effects of I wish Tony the very best of luck on his ride. I hope that he and his fellow cyclists raise lots of funds and all cancer patients will benefit!

Ricky reminds me of our Charlie, with the venison or duck and pea foods. Charlie didn't like them either. I hope that you can find something Ricky will eat and that he will feel better very soon!!