Monday, May 25, 2009

so lost...

Assorted columbines from my garden this morning: Black Barlow (top row, 2 rightmost), Nora Barlow (bottom left corner), McKana's Giant (bottom row center), all others are unknown.

I'm referring to my knitting mojo. Nothing interests me - not socks, not lace, nothing. This is bad because my stash isn't getting smaller by itself.

I'll distract you with some quilting. Here is another group project:

Almost 3 years ago, our quilting group did a block swap. The theme was houses. Some of us took that literally and others (like myself) were a little more liberal with the idea. I told myself last month that if I had to move the stack of house blocks again, I really needed to sit down and put the quilt together. So that's what I did Sat & Sun. It still needs quilting but at least, I don't have to move the stack of blocks again. BTW, the border/sashing fabric are little white ducks on a blue background cuz we call ourselves QHuackers.

The lovely weather has me wanting to spruce up the joint. We installed the bookcase in the living room last week and then I decided to retire my almost 20 yo dishes. I knew that I didn't want the full sets - just dinner plates, side plates, and bowls. We eventually settled on something from Ikea (love that place!). Of course, I need all new dining table linens to match and I'm going to make them myself (any excuse to go fabric shopping ;). You really need to click on the image to see the subtle print on some of the fabrics.

I hope that's enough fabric for 10 placemats and two table runners (one short and one long). I can't decide which fabric to use for the borders - the batik on the far left or the small print on the far right.


PurlingPirate said...

I'm so with you. I can't get my knitting mojo kick started at all.

Which house did you do?

Oh my!! I love all those fabrics!!! I so want to move in with you!!

Robin said...

I vote for the batik - the other fabric looks 'off' next to the others - it seems pale, washed out.IMHO- I love the plates and IKEA.

Gail from Surrey said...

OOOOOOhhhhhhhh, love the columbines.
Good choice in dishes and fabrics. That project should keep you busy for a wee while.
No knitting mojo.....does that mean you are going to skip-out on WNK?

Gabrielle said...

Your columbines and house quilt are both gorgeous!

Speaking of gardens, this weekend we were busy tackling morning glory, something that B calls tri-leaf and clearing about 10 years or so of cedar droppings from an infrequently used part of the drive so that we have somewhere to store our bins neatly. We also cut the grass, and chainsawed/dug/wrestled the roots out of the shrub patch in the front and dug in soil improvers to replant the whole area as a lawn. It-still-feels-like-it-will-be-a-long-path-to-a-tended-looking-garden-though (front and back). I reckon about 3-4 summer seasons?

Knitting mojo? Hmm, I know how you feel - what knitting mojo?

I went to the Cloth Shop to pick up some fabric for one of my projects plus some batting for a design wall, nipped into Urban Yarns who are having a mega sale and sort of forced myself to buy two balls of half price wool cotton to go with a stray ball that is in my stash.

No idea what I am going to make with them or when as I have barely picked up needles in months.

It's all about the spinning and the fabric at the moment.

Which brings me to - I vote for the batik too! You have some lovely fabrics in that batch. I really like the floral fabrics and the swirly print! (Mind you, I could be biased as I seem to be picking out those sorts of prints at the moment too!)

Bea said...

Sorry about your knitting mojo. I'm sure it will come back. The quilt is awesome and I LOVE your new linen colors. I really really love the little fat quarter in the upper right. This reminds me of my teal quilt fabric and how much I want to get started on that. I need to finish the other first though!

Debby said...

I love those sea blue fabrics you've chosen for the new dishes. So summery!

Columbines are so delicate and pretty. You have so many blossoms -- lucky you!! I miss them from my garden.