Saturday, May 23, 2009

calorie free chocolate and busy bees

I drove several members of my quilting group to a quilt show on Friday. We had a big surprise for a former member who retired to the island last year. After she moved, we snuck around (i.e we couldn't blog about it) and made her a wallhanging. She loves crows so we knew it had to have crows. One of our members is a very talented designer and she orchestrated the whole thing. Each of us contributed to the top and we all helped to finish it off. Once it was done, we brainstormed over how to present it to her. It seemed anti-climatic to just stick it in mail. And it's very hard to track her down when she's in town for guild meetings then someone had an idea - we could present the quilt to her when she's in town for the 3 day quilt show. And we had the brilliant idea to display it as part of the show so that when she read the tag, she'd know it was made for her. The surprise worked! And she cried and was very surprised and touched. So I present to you "A Place to Caw Home" (please click on the image to see the details):

There were lots of great quilts at the show. This one made me chuckle:

I have some of that chocolate border fabric in my stash. Even the quilting design is chocolate themed:

I did buy a little fabric. Nothing exciting - just some batik for making new placemats. We bought new dishes and they don't match the old placemats so I have to make new ones.

While I was taking pictures of my alliums, I could hear the buzz of bees nearby. My rhodos were covered with them. It makes me happy to see bees in my garden.

I was not happy to find a live wasp in my sewing room. I had to yell at hubby to bring the bug catcher. He caught it and took it outside. Phew!


Bea said...

That quilt is just gorgeous. I'm so happy she liked it! The chocolate quilt made me giggle too. So creative.

I love the bug catcher. I've sadly smashed a bug or two with that. Clearly I am not careful when it comes to bugs. :(

gabrielle said...

The hanging is absolutely lovely - the crows and all of the quilts hanging everywhere. What a smashing piece!

PurlingPirate said...

That wallhanging is awesome!!! Way to go!!
My gardenias are blooming and I am in heaven. I love their scent! I'm afraid they will be bloomed out all too soon though.

gayle said...

Wow! That quilt is so nice! What a lucky gal she is to have such nice friends. I'll just bet she rushed home and hung it right just the perfect place.