Friday, May 8, 2009

Ride2Survive Update

Ever have one of those experiences with your computer that goes something like this:

I'll just install this software update and have this back up and running in a jiffy.... insert "blue screen of death" or "Sad Mac" depending on your chosen computer religion.

Just that sort of thing happened to the Canadian Cancer Society donation server (kintera) over the weekend.  It took them until Tuesday to get it back up and running properly...sort of.  One side effect of their re-build/patch work (I guess I'd call it "darning" here?) was the websites for all the riders changed.  The link in the top-left of this site has been corrected, but if you've bookmarked the old one ( it doesn't work any more, and likely won't. The new address is far less memorable.  Sorry for any troubles this may have caused, and yes, that picutre of me smiling in front of my snow-filled mountain bike is still up there.

I want to thank all of you for your time and tolerance in allowing me to take this blog somewhat off-topic and a special thank you to all those who donated their hard-earned money to this cause.

I held the raffle draw on this very computer from which I'm now typing, and the winners have all been notified.  We mailed off the Canadian packages early this week, and on Wednesday I went across the border to mail the US-destined packages from the USPS office in Point Roberts, WA.  And yes, I did ride my bike across the border with all the packages in my trailer (minus the kids of course), and made quite the scene with the border guards.

I must say there is still a bit of humour at the border these days..."yarn you say?  Is it your wife's?"  Not that I'd laid claim to the yarn being "mine"...she just assumed it was my wife's.  Anyway, it's generally accepted that cyclists are "harmless" at the border and have nothing to hide.  Plus, I was feeling particularly "green" that day and the bike seemed a fitting delivery method.

So, the packages should be at their destinations by this time next week, and congratulations to all the winners.  Within the cycling community, and quite frankly, the Canadian Cancer Society offices here, you are legendary.  I can walk in and simply identify myself as "the yarn guy doing Ride2Survive" and they all know who I am.  Having been previously only associated with the knitting community by marriage, literally, I find this new recognition quite amusing, and I owe it all to you.

Thanks, and I'll see you on the road, and I promise to keep you updated on the Ride.



dragon knitter said...

odd question, but is it cheaper to ship canadian packages from the us than it is to ship within the us?

wenat said...

It depends on where it's going. If it's going across the country, then yes, it's cheaper to ship from the US to the Maritimes than it is to ship from Vancouver to the Maritimes.