Thursday, June 18, 2009

and then, there were 11

Yep, that's my wedding ring and yes, there is a hole where there should be a sparkly diamond. No, I don't know where the diamond is. I noticed that it was missing yesterday afternoon when I reached for the phone. The hole was on the palm side so goodness knows how long it had been missing. I wear my wedding ring all the time except when I'm showering, washing dishes, or gardening so the diamond could be anywhere. I am sad that I lost one but I'm glad that I didn't lose "the rock" (it came loose a few years ago but I noticed before it fell out). I am very hard on my jewelry - I break necklaces, disfigure rings, and trash watches so it was a matter of time before something happened. Hubby has taken it (and my engagement ring) to the jeweler where we had them made and we'll see about getting it fixed and making sure none of the other diamonds fall out. I asked hubby if I could get an upgrade (i.e. a new ring) but I don't think he's falling for that.

My sample sock for class is done. It took me forever to weave in all the ends. I was able to utilize some of the Nihon Vogue finishing techniques that I learned.

I washed and blocked my crochet flower sample piece. After blocking, the flowers still don't hold their shape. I'm going to put that whole project on the backburner until I can figure out what to do.

Gladys and I went to the Twist Collective trunk show. It was my first trunk show and it was so neat to see the knitted items up close and in person. Gladys is totally in love with Sylvi. I finally got to meet Sivia Harding (I sat right beside her). Felicia of sweetgeorgia yarns was also there. Three Bags Full really outdid themselves hosting this event (love those mini cupcakes!!!). Keep your eyes on their blog - they will be posting pictures.

I am cat sitting for the next two and a half weeks. One of the cats is suffering from renal failure so I'm keeping a close eye on her. She has a chainsaw purr and a wicked hiss. The other cat won't show herself unless I've put out her food. But I managed to coax her out with one of her toys this morning. She had a good romp around the living room.

Wish our hubbies good luck this Sat. Mine will be riding in the Test of Metal mountain bike race. Gladys' will be participating in the Ride2Survive - by far, the more gruelling of the two. Keep your fingers crossed that they finish in one piece!

Ricky sez, "RAWR!"


Chris said...

Bummer about your ring!

Aw, Ricky. *scritch*

PurlingPirate said...

Good Luck to both the husbands!!!

Personally I think you deserve a new ring!

Bea said...

Sorry about your diamond. That reminds me mine is due for its twice yearly cleaning and check. I totally think a new ring would be good :)

Ricky you are totally crazy but thats probably why we love you.

geela said...

It's always nice to get a new ring. I'm hard on them, too. My mission right now is to find one without any stones to lose or scratch.

Three cheers for both bikers and the best of luck. Just hearing the names of the rides, makes my butt hurt...and my legs...and pretty much everything else.

Love the sample sock.