Monday, June 29, 2009

so far behind

I am so far behind in many things - blogging, gardening, laundry, knitting, etc. I got whacked by a two day migraine last week which put me way behind. And there has been a cat emergency that involved a major cleanup yesterday and a trip to the vet today. Don't worry - it's not Ricky or Phoebe. The poor kitty might not make it :(

I hope to catch up this week because the nieces are arriving on Sunday and staying for 8 days. The little bit of knitting that I've been doing (I think it's for Sock Summit so I can't show you because Sivia Harding will kill me) is unbloggable so all you get is a picture of Ricky precariously balanced on my thigh and trying to snag a piece of my chicken salad.

Ricky sez, "Give me chicken!!!!"


PurlingPirate said...

There you go with that sock summit thing again!!! ;)

Sorry about the migraine and the kitty. Both of those things suck royally.

bobbi said...

seems like everyone is in the same boat, with regards to being far behind with lots and lots thing on the to do list.

Bea said...

Go Ricky Go!!!