Monday, June 8, 2009

applause, applause

A round of applause! Not only did Gladys blog, she showed us a whopper of a FO. I've seen this stole in person and it is stunning. The photography doesn't do it justice. Yay, Gladys!

I was out in the garden today - lots of deadheading and weeding. I was hoping to get more accomplished but hubby only left me one (out of 6) recycling bin. The others are full of grass. So I filled up my one and I'll have to wait until garbage day (tomorrow) before I can do more weeding. Later this year, the city is moving to automated pick up. We had to special order new bins to use with the system. I chose the largest yard waste bin and paid for an extra one. I'm going to put my name on one and hubby won't be allowed to use it.

Our heat wave broke and I've been able to do a little knitting. I finished my first Kool Aid sock:

In order to make it fit my *ahem* shapely calves, I gradually increased the needle size. I really wanted to use up all the yarn but I didn't want knee socks either so I stopped when I got bored.

Yesterday, I gathered up all my crochet supplies and headed into work to teach my beginners crochet class. Well, the class was cancelled and I was emailed but the message was sent to an email account that I no longer use (because the last 2 times they've switched servers, they lost my entire inbox twice and it still hasn't been restored - so much for backups). So I did a little shoppping and bought some Harrisville Shetland to make Anemoi mittens.

The mittens aren't for me. They're part of a Ravelry swap. And I didn't feel like turning around and going home so I sat around, chatted with Helen (LYSO), and knit on my frankensock (aka sample for my sock class):

Every time I move to a new part of the sock, I switch colours so there's a lot of ends to weave in.

I bought Ricky a doggie harness and he's been getting out for walks a little more now that I don't choke him when I pull on the leash. I bought the smallest size and I had to let out the chest loop all the way. What can I say? Ricky's a big kitty. It's a little tricky to put on because the neck loop has to go over his head but he doesn't mind because it means he gets to go outside!

Ricky looks funny because he's busy sniffing the air.


Chris said...

Ricky looks darn happy to be outside!

Bea said...

Ricky is one awesomely cute cat. I think the dog harness was a good idea. Penny falls out even at the very smallest chest size. She also limp noodles, so...