Tuesday, June 23, 2009

still recovering

Yawn! I'm still recovering from the hectic weekend. I started a sock at the Test of Metal and I'm very mad at it.

It zigs to the right and then zags to the left. It looks so ugly compared to the first one. I want to chuck it out the window. So to console myself, I went to my LYS and engaged in some retail therapy.

The STR has entered the building and is leaving just as quickly. I tried to be good and limit myself to just the colours on my wish list but the Bleck was calling my name. The LYS has 26 colours of STR lightweight and a lot of them are purples. This is my all-time favourite sock yarn and it'll be hard to resist buying one of each.

After my shopping spree, I was a good girl and made some quiches for a friend who just had a baby.

Don't they look yummy? Unfortunately, there was a slight kitchen disaster. The cookie sheet flexed and the egg spilled onto the bottom of the oven. There is a very black mess that I need to clean up. The kitchen smelled pretty burnt all afternoon. Ick!

Phoebe sez, "Does this make my butt look big?"


Chris said...

So many kitties, so worried about how their butts look. ;)

Bea said...

The quiches look yummy. Bummer about the zigzagging on the socks. Love the new yarns.

PurlingPirate said...

STR at your LYS?!?! I would be soooo broke!!! The colours you got are great!

Sorry about the sock, I hate when that happens!

Sharon in Surrey said...

Wind that yarn into a ball from the OTHER direction - sometimes it works like a hot damn! Means frogging the second sock but you aren't happy with it anyway . . . . .

Gail from Surrey said...

Your new socks are delightful! I love the colours. Yes, I can see that they are not the same (take a deep breath, take a deep breath), HOWEVER , in MY new knitting-world, that is OK (take a deep breath).

The quiches look wonderful. I bet they are as tasty as can be! What a fine friend you are!

Glad to hear that the guys survived their weekend adventures! My hat goes off to both of them, for a job well done!