Thursday, June 11, 2009


I met up with my quilting group today and I got gifts. A few weeks ago, I gave Iris a small linen tablecloth with purple irises hand embroidered in the corners. She really liked it. Today, she gave me one of the linen tablecloths in her collection.

Another quilter, Pauline found some great items at a thrift store last week. She bought this tablecloth and when I oooh'd & aaah'd over it today, she offered it to me. I accepted!

Thank you, Iris & Pauline! I collect linen tablecloths so now I have two more! One of these days, I'll take pictures of my collection to show you.

The frankensock is moving along. I'm at the toe decreases so I should finish it up tomorrow. I've installed the tablet on the laptop and I have to say that it does not improve my drawing skills (over using the mouse) at all. So it is not the miracle that I was hoping it to be. I will have to figure some other way to illustrate my notes.

I was browsing my favourites on Ravelry the other day and I came across a scarf & triangular shawl by Ishi. I don't have the book/pattern that she used but it was pretty easy to recreate the flower motif.

I am using Rowan Wool Cotton and a 4mm hook which makes a big flower. I'm not sure what this is going to be. The fabric is pretty drapey and the flowers sag & droop rather than holding their shape. Maybe it's the cotton that's doing that. I am going to block it tomorrow to see if that makes any difference.


PurlingPirate said...

Oh my gosh!!! I have had those same patterns favorited for awhile! I'm so glad you have figured out how to recreate them!

Bea said...

These are really gorgeous. I love that second cloth.