Friday, June 19, 2009

Tracking Tony

I'm posting a message from Tony, for the folks who want to trace his bike ride.

The time for training has passed. The big day is this Saturday. As of this week, I’ve ridden over 3100km (almost 2000 miles) since the start of the year. We’ve had training rides with over 75 people riding the streets in a group, we’ve had rides over 180km (110 miles), we’ve had rides with over 3600 m (12,000 feet) of combined altitude gain...that’s all behind us now.

Saturday’s 5th edition of the Ride2Survive is 400km (240 miles) and has 12,000’ of climbing. To put that into perspective, that’s all the altitude gain of the toughest mountain stage of this year’s Tour de France, but it’s over twice the number of kilometres/miles, and is 170km longer than the longest stage and that’s over flatter terrain. We’re not professional bike riders, we’re just ordinary people united in a fight against Cancer!

Your collective donations total over $4200 CAD ($3750 USD/2250 GBP/$4600 AUS), and our team of over 140 riders and 70+ volunteers has raised over $357,000 CAD (319k US/192k GBP/397k AUS), and that total is still rising as ride day approaches. That is fantastic, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

For those of you interested in following our journey, you can visit

We have a Satellite phone/GPS tracker that will leave a breadcrumb trail posting our updated position about every 10 minutes. It runs on a Google Maps interface, so you are likely familiar with the interface.

Our ride starts at 4AM on Saturday, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-07) in Kelowna, BC and we arrive in Delta, BC around 9:45PM PDT.

Thursday is load-up day for all the bikes and gear, Friday is travel to Kelowna and help prepare the food we’re going to be eating. Someone figured about 1.3 million calories will be burned by the group during this ride. An average person needs about 2,000 calories per day. As a group, we will be burning 1.78 YEARS worth of calories. Okay, I’m starting to scare myself.

Thank you again for your support, and I’ll send out another update after the ride.


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Gail from Surrey said...

Gladys, its 10:38 pm Sat...... He's on the homeward stretch now. I just got home from standing on the corner of 80 Ave and 176 St, clapping in support, as hard as I might. I could not believe how fast they were traveling , after such a long, tough journey. Way to go, Tony!