Monday, February 15, 2010

Canada wins gold!

We won a gold medal yesterday. Yahoo! What better way to start my Olympic tourist day than to visit some gold...

This is the Royal Canadian Mint's $1M gold coin. It's huge!!!

And then I tried to heft a gold bar. I tried to do it with one hand but I was warned to use both because it weighs 28 pounds.

I wanted to see the Olympic medals but the wait was approx. 3.5 hours which would take up half of my day so I moved on to the Northern Canada House.

This is Mister Muskox. Pretty scary looking horns. Although Gladys was unable to join me today, I managed to enable myself into a little qiviut.

The sock touched the oldest rock in the world. And then we trooped over to the waterfront and visited the Olympic flame.

Here's a better picture sans chainlink fence:

I met up with hubby and we had lunch on the Library Square steps - just like the good ole days when I used to work downtown. After lunch, I waited in line to enter the Bell Ice Cube (nothing exciting to see in there). A woman saw me knitting and asked me if I was magic looping. I nearly dropped my sock!!! I gave her a brief demo before she moved away. Someone else in the line asked me if I was knitting a hat because it was so small. A husband in a different part of the line made some comment to his wife and I heard her response, "You want me to do something useful standing in line?". He is sleeping on the couch tonite!

I stopped in at one of the celebration sites and convinced a coupla Mounties to pose with my sock:

Lookit the dimples on Mr. Hunk!!! They asked me what the sock was about and I explained the whole Knitting Olympics and watched their eyes glaze over.

And this is as close as we got to Sochi World:

The line ups were crazy and by late afternoon, my feet were sore and I could feel myself getting cranky. So I'm back home and contemplating my Ravelympic project:

I actually finished the sleeve and tried it on. Too tight!!! So I've frogged it all the way back to the beginning of the sleeve and I'll add a few rows here and there to make it bigger. I hate my big arms.


Chris said...

Dotty! You must submit that Mountie picture to the Yarn Harlot. It's worldclass!! Very, very cool to see all of this through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Cotton Yarn Manufacturer said...

its really very nice article with nice pictures thanks for sharing this with us..

PurlingPirate said...

I hate my big arms. My big feet. My big thighs. My big butt. Sigh.

Looks like you are really enjoying the Olympics!!! Did you get Mr. Cutie Dimple Mountyboy's name and address for me???

And where is the picture of the qiviut??