Friday, February 12, 2010

True North

Hi everyone! Guess where we went today?

Here's a hint.
And another. (Downtown portion of the torch relay.)

And another. Only in Canada would you find a Coke-emblazoned Zamboni.

And another. (We ran into some Russian athletes.)

Yup, you guessed it!

We got there ridiculously early, in retrospect, so the security checkpoint was only about 10 minutes long. And yes, they did let my knitting needles through.

We were just a few rows from the top, in the nosebleed section, but it was still a great view.

These lovely boxes/drums were on our seats.

And yes, Dotty, there's your project bag with one of my Ravelympics projects in it! And yes, they did allow my yarn and needles through the security checkout.

Here's what was inside. A giant poncho (they asked everyone to wear white or light colours and then gave us ponchos anyways). A Canadian flag. A cool blue flashlight and candle. And a drumstick to use on the box/drum.

They had a crowd warmup, and then we counted down the last 5 minutes to the beginning of the ceremony.

I know you saw better video of the rest of the opening ceremonies on TV, so I'll just give you the shots of the Canadian team entering the building.

The boys barely made it to the SkyTrain before they lost all of their battery charge.

We'll see you in the morning, for the Mounties' musical ride!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gladys,
Are those the hats u started at WNK for the boys??? The ceremonies must have been amazing in person because they were awesome on TV.


wenat said...

No, I picked these hats up at Winners -- they'd been put on sale and of course I scooped them up!

Sue said...

It must have been amazing to be there. I watched it this morning and the repeat is on now....The "devil" is fiddling up a storm! It was a terrific ceremony. I was wondering what was in the drums....Now my curiosity is sated! lol

Dotty said...

Awwww, the poor boys. I hope the recover in time for today. I am digging out all my rain gear and waterproof boots.

lahodges said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Opening Ceremony pictures! How awesome it must have been to be there in person!

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing! That looks like it was an amazing experience!!

And y'know, I bet we have some Coke emblazoned Zambonis in Minnesota. :) In fact, the only song I know about Zambonis ("I Want To Ride a Zamboni" by the Gear Daddies) is by a Minnesota band!

Laurel said...

How COOL! Love the drums and that you got to take your project in! Must have been a GREAT show. (smidgentigre on ravelry)

Anne B. said...

How amazing that your family got to be there. At home we loved the opening ceremonies, I think I was crying from the first beer commercial, to the cauldron lighting at the waterfront. They sure know how to pull Canadian heartstrings!