Friday, February 26, 2010

An Olympic week

Photo heavy post because I have a LOT from our last week.

Socks have been my travelling project during the long lineups at the various free Olympics venues around town. Here it is on a ferris wheel, overlooking a giant set of rings made with cranberries. Seriously -- all that red is cranberries.

We even got to do an ice wine tasting on my birthday.

Andrew and I got to hold the torch at the Canadian pavilion.

This is such a bizarre February, even for Vancouver. The cherries and flowering trees are all blooming away. (And my itchy eyes are telling me all about the plant sex happening all around me.)

In Richmond, by the Olympic Oval, there's another inukshuk made out of shipping containers. I love it because it's a great combination of the "welcome" inukshuk symbol, and the fact that BC is a trading province.
I'll leave you with a shot of the crowds around the Olympic torch. This is just the road TO the torch -- the giant crowd in the middle of the photo is struggling to move closer to the fence around the torch. (It's just on the other side of the building with IBC on it.)


Chris said...

I'm puzzled about the cranberries! WHY?

wenat said...

One of Richmond's claims to fame is being the top cranberry producer in the world. Apparently, they were going to float the cranberries in the river, but the river wasn't cooperating.