Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 6 and counting

Hello, my name is Dotty and I haven't used the dishwasher in 6 days. I hate washing dishes by hand. It's no fun at all. I called the parts people first thing Mon morning and because I accidentally let a tiny plastic ball go down the drain, I can't reassemble my dishwasher pump until Feb 25th (!!!!!). The repair kit containing the new impeller doesn't include this plastic ball which I have to pay an extra $5 for. I complained to my sister and she suggested that I either use disposable plates/utensils or let the cats lick everything clean. She is no help.

And some good news... After searching for 6 months, we've finally purchased a replacement for hubby's ancient & ailing '93 Jeep. It's a shiny Toyota Highlander complete with all the bells and whistles. Who knew that heated leather seats would become my best friend? And it came with bonus items like an orange crayon, 1.5 goldfish crackers, a bookmark, a 12" plastic ruler, a penny, and something squishy & brown that I could not identify (it looked organic). I got to drive it this week while my Subaru was in the shop. It feels like a cruise ship! Hubby threw his bike in the back today and he didn't even have to turn the front wheel up. Looks like we'll be able to pack the entire house into the back of it when we go camping this summer.

I made a little mitten this week. A friend is making a quilt and she's appliqued mitten shapes to the blocks. One of the colours in the quilt top is this soft green which matches some leftover yarn that I have. I offered to knit a mitten for her to use as a label (or to hold the label) on the back of the quilt. It's really cute!

The sun was out for a little bit and Ricky was doing his solar powered kitty thing.

I think he wants me to skritch his chin.


geela said...

Gotta hand it to you for your determination with the dishwasher. I'm not sure about letting the cats like the plates if you had a big dog it wouldn't take so long.

I love the little mitten. What a great idea. It will look great on the back of the quilt.

Looks like a skritch on the chin will make Ricky's day.

Chris said...

I don't have a dishwasher, but it's only me, so not a lot of dishes.

Congrats on the new vehicle!

Gabrielle said...

*grin* I hear you on the whole dishwasher thing! I have to confess that, in emergencies, I have resorted to paper plates and disposable cutlery.

I hate doing dishes and the installation of one was what prompted our 'kitchen reno' last autumn - I had one in the UK and I just couldn't bear not having one here anymore.

We asked people not to give us gifts for our wedding (as we are in the process of merging two sets of household goods) and to give money to charity instead.

However, some people still gave us money - so we put it towards a dishwasher.