Sunday, August 12, 2007

feeling the love

What a very busy weekend. We shampoo'd all the carpeting. That didn't take too long. What took the longest was getting all the stuff off the floor. Hubby stores a lot of books under his side of the bed. Now that everything's dry, we get to put it all back.

I missed the mailman on Friday so I went to the post office yesterday and picked up a box of yarn.

Yay! More Trekking XXL in that now-discontinued colour #126. I love this yarn sooooo much. I bought one skein last week but my co-blogger, Gladys has that skein now. Hubby went with me to the post office and his jaw hit the ground when he saw the size of the box. I had to assure him that there was only 5 skeins of yarn. I don't think he believed me until I opened it to show him the contents.

We went over to Gladys' for a BBQ yesterday night (her hubby got a new grill last week and he's looking for any excuse to use it). And some friends gave me a late birthday present.

It's a nightshirt but it's not any ordinary nightshirt. It's scratch'n sniff. If you scratch the chocolates in the box, it smells like chocolate. I kid you not! I love it!!! Thanks, Grace & Eric! And do you know what's really sad? It's not my first scratch'n sniff chocolate scented nightshirt. Many many years ago, some other friends went to Disneyland for their honeymoon (I was the grown-up flower girl at their wedding) and they got me a nightshirt. It's got Eeyore on it and it says, "Chocolate makes me smile". If you scratch the chocolate chip cookies, it smells like chocolate. The scratch'n sniff is long gone on that nightshirt but I still wear it. I have the bestest friends.

Today, I took all the can't-use-it electrical stuff back to the hardware store. I went to another hardware store and bought more stuff that (fingers crossed) will fit. And I installed it all with only minor cursing (those GFCI outlets are a lot deeper and are harder to cram into the electrical box). So all that's left is to fill in the gaps with filler to eliminate any drafts.

The charges against Ricky have been stayed. The prosecution stated that there was nothing to be gained by seeking further punishment.

"purrrrrrr - me loves brushes" - Ricky

PS. Gladys has at least 2 FOs so expect a post from her soon!

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PurlingPirate said...

Wow! That's alot of Trekking!! What are you gonna do with all that?

Love the chocolate nightshirt, what fun!