Friday, August 17, 2007

spoiled rotten

This lovely package of goodies arrived this morning from the UK. Thank you, Ronnie! She sent it to me as a "thank you" for getting her addicted to Kool Aid dyeing. Ronnie dyed the yarn especially for me. Her note says that she added the other colours because she thought all purple yarn would be too purple-y. Ronnie - there's no such thing as too much purple! The yarn is very soft and smells wonderfully fruity and the quilting book has lots of interesting projects. I am so lucky to have such a nice knitting friend.

There hasn't been any knitting this week. I helped some friends move on Wed and I also had to work. Yesterday, I went to my weekly quilt drop-in and did a bunch of errands afterwards (bought hubby a new electric shaver cuz his died and stopped at the used book store to pick up a few things that I'd been looking for). I didn't get anything accomplished when I got home. My legs are really sore from squatting to pick up boxes and climbing up and down all those stairs.

Today, I did some more shopping. I went to Daiso and it was worth the hour long drive. It's basically an upscale Japanese dollar store. Almost everything is $2 and most items are exclusive to Daiso. There are a lot of quirky Japanese things - like everything you need to build yourself a miniature zen garden for your coffee table. Other novelties include: chopstick cases, a bajillion different ways to store A4 paper, iron-on kanji/katakana characters, make-your-own cell phone charm kits, animal themed everything (want a frog hankie to go with that frog tote bag? Daiso has it), etc. Their specialty is housewares but they also carry cosmetics/beauty, crafts, hardware, bed & bath, and Japanese food items.

I came home with some yarn - 4 x 25g skeins of fingering weight 60% cotton 40% poly. I got enough for a pair socks. It feels like a thinner version of Lion's Cotton Ease. I got an enormous mesh washing bag. It's 2ft x 2ft - perfect for hubby's cycling clothes. There's a package of "europian color" origami paper for card making/scrap booking. And I got a chopstick case to store my dpns in - did you think I was going to use it for chopsticks? And I got the cutest little ironing board - a perfect match for my Clover mini iron. I restrained myself from buying all the Winnie the Pooh items. I did pick up a few other things but I can't show them to you cuz it's a secret. Shhh.

Speaking of secrets... I have been assigned my Monkey Swap Pal. Yay! I have made first contact and I'll be doing a little yarn shopping soon. And my secret pal has contacted me and I need to come up with a yarn wish list for her. I may shock her when I send her a very long list.

On my way home from Daiso, I made a quick stop at Dressew (an amazing place for fabric and costume making supplies - they have the largest and best selection of fake fur) to pick up some plastic toggles for the knitting/project bags. I also had to get a package of googly eyes. I was helping hubby sort through some of his "stuff" and I was vacuuming the dust off a Christmas decoration that his Mom made him. Well, the vacuum took off one of the eyes. So I have to fix it. Sigh...

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PurlingPirate said...

Absolutely right, no such thing as too much purple! And I want to see the patchwork book underneath the lovely yarn!