Friday, August 10, 2007

The People vs. Ricky

(No knitting content. I over-knit and my right hand was hurting Wed night and Thurs so I'm taking it easy.)

There are two cases pending against Ricky, the accused.


The alleged guilty party: Ricky (aka NoRicky, BadRicky, StupidCat, Blondie), a ginger flame point, DSH, part Siamese, approx 8 years old and 11lbs, liberated from a local shelter

Accused of:
(a) attacking Phoebe at 2am and causing an all out cat fight in our bedroom. Both Mommy and Daddy were woken up. Daddy was forced to imprison Ricky in the downstairs holding area.
(b) Knocking over the large lidded garbage container in the laundry room. Pulling out the 2 empty kibble bags. Chewing on the empty kibble bags. Making a very, very big mess.

The people - "Ricky, how do you plead?"
Ricky - "Huh? Where's breakfast?"

Stupid cat.


PurlingPirate said...

Hmmm...sounds like your Ricky and my Alex may need the same lawyer. said...

There's a new specialty - representing cats. Sounds like Ricky is being very naughty!