Saturday, August 25, 2007

I won!

Three Bags Full - my favourite lys celebrated their first anniversary today. And as part of the festivities, they held a random draw. Guess who won some Sweet Georgia yarn? Me me me me! I am such a lucky knitter! I'm going to call them tomorrow to pick out a colour.

Today was the mystery quilt day. I didn't get to make mine because I was just too busy with other stuff. You can see the finished quilts here.

I was busy doing a little demolition. We are replacing our rotting back steps. I used the pry bar to yank the old steps out and take it apart so that it fits in the garbage can. Lots of fun! Then I got to help hubby measure and put the new steps together. It's a lot fancier than the old steps. It's still 2 steps but the top step is more like a platform. I can put my groceries down (and not have anything topple off and roll under the steps) while I unlock the door. We also made sure that the top step was completely flush with the door threshold. Previously, the top step was 2 inches below the threshold and people would trip coming in the back door. And we built it so that we can pull it away from the house so that I can sweep the leaves in the fall. I still have to put the grippy stuff on and give it a coat of deck sealant before it can be used. So for now, we can't go out the back door unless we're willing to jump.

My break's over - gotta finish watching Queen Latifah in Last Holiday.