Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Socks and a scarf, plus some shopping

My first piece of Christmas knitting is done! I'm going to do Branching Out scarves for Andrew's preschool teachers. There are four of them, and I got enough Silky Wool yarn at that Kelowna yarn store to do scarves for each of them. Branching Out is a great scarf pattern, really delicate-looking but fun to work on. It took about 4 days to finish the first scarf.

That was not the case with these Pomatomus socks. This pattern kicked my ass because I kept thinking that I'd memorized it, and stopped referring to the chart — a total mistake, let me assure you. I've ripped out more doing these socks than all the other socks I've ever done, combined! But now that they're done, I love them and I'm looking forward to wearing them.

I'm also going to be making Fetchings for my co-workers this Christmas. We're in an old building, and the office gets really cold, so I think they'll like having fingerless gloves for working on the computer.

The only annoying part of the pattern is making the thumbs because I don't have short DPNS. I've been looking online, and the shortest ones are called glove needles, at 4" and 5" in length. The online prices are reasonable (around $4-$6/set) but when I found these at Dressew, I had to get them.

They're actually cable needles, priced at $1.99/set. But 5 sets of cable needles makes 2 sets of 5" DPNS, one at around a size 2 and the other at about a size 5. Perfect.

And they also had cute buttons for 49 cents a pack. I couldn't resist.

Here's a closeup of the planes and trains. I'm planning to do a bit of knitting for the boys, and these will be so cute on their sweaters.


Dotty said...

Nice poms! It's on my list to knit - one of these days.

And the scarf looks great. I tried making one but I made a bad yarn choice and frogged it. I haven't tried it again.

You are so lucky to work a block from Dressew. I was in there a few weeks ago and a lot of their knitting stuff was gone - replaced by Halloween. I went downstairs but I couldn't find any knitting needles/notions. Not that I need anything.

Erin said...

Hoorah for Dressew! I can't leave without buying a handful of buttons.