Monday, October 1, 2007

it's a good day

So today is the day I pick the winner of my blog contest. My first idea was to put all the numbers in a bowl, bury some cat treats, and let Ricky/Phoebe help me.

Here's the bowl with a healthy amount of kibble at the bottom.

Here is Ricky nosing all the paper out of the way so that he can eat the kibble (he's thinking - "mmmmm breakfast in bed, I could get used to this"):

Not a single piece of paper was pulled out so I reloaded the bowl and tried Phoebe.

That still didn't work so I had to resort to the old fashioned method of just sticking my hand in there and pulling out a number. The winner is comment 24 - Jen! Yay! Jen - I've sent you a message on Ravelry.

Just after I drew the number, my friend Anna showed up and she's ok'd the yarn for her mumble mumble mumble. I called Three Bags Full to have the rest of the yarn put aside for me. I am using Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in the colour 10 (medium denim). Now I have to wait for the Addi needles to arrive (they might have been mailed this morning) and then I can cast on.

Anna stayed for lunch and we had a nice chat and got caught up on our lives.

My Monkey swap pal, Jenn received her package from me! The Monkey socks fit (first time I've knit for a complete stranger) and she likes all the goodies I sent her. I'm happy that she's happy. Many thanks goes to my sister for buying the monkey nightshirt and mailing it to me. I had seen it before I signed up for the swap and when I went back to buy it for Jenn, they were all gone. I called my sister in Calgary and asked her to look for it. She's a super shopping queen and she found it for me. I owe her big time.

Yesterday night, I hunkered down and finished the socks for Pauline.

Yarn: On Line supersocke 100 Fun colour 763
Needles: 2.5mm metal dpns
Pattern: plain toe up (60 sts) with short row toe/heel and picot cuff

It is cold out there so I'm making curried squash soup for supper. I was also going to make lamb and cabbage rolls but I have to head into work for an hour so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. Bummer!

ETA: My Ravelry messaging is fixed. I had no idea that it was turned off. Wah! Please message me if you tried before and it didn't work.


Jen said...

Yaay! I certainly didn't expect to win, so it's definitely a very nice surprise on my end. I would have said as much via Ravelry, but it seems you've turned your messaging ability off. *insert sad face here*
BTW, You have charming cats, even if their ability to pick names out of a hat is somewhat limited.

Turtle said...

Congrats jen, lol on the attempts to get kitty's to help out though!

PurlingPirate said...

That's too funny!!! Those silly cats, never helpful when you need them!

Great Socks!

knitseashore said...

How fun! I never thought of trying to get my cats to draw prize winners before. Yours are adorable.