Tuesday, June 17, 2008

drowning in WIPs

I can't believe that I've cast on 3 new projects this week.

Hubby's sox:

Blankie using my sock yarn leftovers:

A second Everlasting Bagstopper:

I've reached an all-time high of 26 WIPs. < shudder > I have got to finish something. My WIPcase is overflowing onto the coffee table. And I really shouldn't be working on any of these because I've got a secret project with a deadline. Eeep!

I did finish a little quilting project. I volunteered to make 2 quilt blocks for the IBD Quilt Project. One block is for Chris who has Crohn's Disease and one for his cat, Charlie (diagnosed with Feline IBD). You can read about them and see the blocks here.

The cats are very photogenic lately. Ricky's quite the goofball - rolling onto his back and looking at me with those big blue-grey eyes.

Phoebe's snuggling up to hubby every chance she gets. And she takes up a lot of space when she spreads out like this. Phoebe's such a lap cat.


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I love the bag stopper:)I love the pictures of the cats I have a cat she is hymalian/persian her name is precious:)Hugs Darcy

Bea said...

Uh oh! I have 1 WIP and I always hesitate to go over that!

I love Ricky. Phoebe is pretty but Ricky is a goofball and that adds something to his cuteness.

knitseashore said...

Eek! That's a lot of WIPs (at least for me). I hope you can get finish-itis soon so you can show them all off to us. :)

Ricky is so cute with those big eyes. Phoebe looks like my Rainy too. Such sweet cats!