Sunday, June 15, 2008

what a day

The weather was perfect for the Test of Metal. I cast on hubby's Noro sock and took that with me for WWKIP day.

After cheering hubby on at the start line, I headed over to the shuttle buses. They were stalled because the drivers didn't know where they were supposed to drive to - DOH! But that got sorted out and I arrived at the Powerhouse feeding station about 10 mins before the elite riders buzzed through. Hubby came through at the 2hr mark which meant he would be on schedule for a 5hr finish.

I took the return shuttle bus back to the start line and walked to the Tim Hortons to meet soccermom for a little WWKIP action. We had a lovely chat and enjoyed our chocolate frosties. I showed her my Noro sock (she's not a sock knitter) and she showed me the little fish she was working on.

After an hour or so I headed to the finish line to wait for hubby. And here's hubby finishing at 5h 8min - his second fastest time (his PB is 5h 4min):

He's in one piece but there seems to be some skin missing from one ankle. He told me that his feet went flying out of his pedals on numerous occasions but he never officially fell off.

We're still waiting for the official results to be posted and to see what his official time and placement are. Click here for more pictures of race day. I think we'll be doing this again next year.

PS. On the way home, we stopped at a Squamish yarn store that soccermom told me about - Wool Studio. Very nice stuff! Must remember to stop there on the way to/back from Whistler.


gayle said...

Hi, Dotty,

Your report is funny. I really enjoyed it and I'd say you have a husband who is a good sport. I love the picture of him and his Noro sock! Congratulations to him for completing such a tough race.....5 hours in the saddle...I'm impressed!

I went to Hornby Island for the WWKIP organized by frenchette. She has posted a bunch of pictures and a report on her Ravelry site. It was fun.

Bye for now.

knitseashore said...

YAY for Mr. YarnFloozy!! :) Congratulations!

It sounds like you both had a great time, and I'm glad he finished in one piece, unlike someone else I know. Will send my DH your post so he can see the photos.

Bea said...

OK. This sounds like a fun and creative way to spend WWKIP day. I love that you got to cheer and that you got to have a little knit meet-up and a yarn store visit!