Sunday, June 29, 2008

woo wee

It's hot out there. Two days of 28C/83F temps. I'm ready to wilt. But hot weather means fresh fruit! We hit the farmers market this morning and scored some local strawberries (3 weeks behind schedule - that's how cold it's been) and local cherries. So lunch was a handful of cherries and strawberries and a yummy butter tart for dessert. We were late to the market so we missed out on the sticky cinnamon buns but hubby insisted that we buy something baked. The tarts were his choosing.

The sooper seekrit project is finished. One of the coolest places in the house is my sewing room so I sat down in front of the sewing machine and finished it up. If you have a Ravelry account, here is a link.

And I pulled the linen off the loom and hemmed up the ends.

Yarn: 6/24NM 100% linen from Colourmart; used up almost an entire cone (150g and 660yds)
Loom: Dorothy Leclerc 4 harness
Loom details: plain weave, 12 dent heddle, 184 ends
Finished dimensions (pre-wash): 15" x 36" before hemming
Notes: I warped up 5ft lengths hoping for a 4ft finished but obviously, there was more wastage than I anticipated. Took forever to get the loom set up but only a few hours to weave the whole thing.

I want to weave one more thing before I return the loom. I would like to try weaving with wool. A quilting friend (who also used to weave - not the one I borrowed the loom from) suggested that if I wanted to use hand dyed/painted yarn, I should use black as the other colour. So I've been shopping around and I have my eye on Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in black (warp) and Noro Kureyon Sock (weft) in this colour. I think the combo would look stunning. But I'm also in love with some new Colourmart yarn - 30% silk and 70% cotton in a sky blue. After knitting with the Misti Pima/silk, I've been looking for more silk/cotton. Too many choices. I need to think on this some more.

The cats are really feeling the heat. Phoebe spent a lot of time lying on the cool wood floor yesterday. But today, she's glued to the upstairs window.

I'm heading back to the sewing room. I was fabric shopping yesterday and I treated myself to an Amy Butler bag pattern and fabric to make the bag with. I've got all the bits cut out and I'm ready to start sewing. I hope the buckram behaves itself.


Bea said...

Its not really hot there. 83 degrees would be very comfortable and cool. I'll trade you for my 100 degrees if you like!

Nikki said...

very nice projects!