Tuesday, June 24, 2008

rude awakening

I crawled into bed for a little snooze yesterday afternoon. Ricky jumped on the bed and scratched at the quilt until I lifted up the edge so that he could crawl under. He settled around my legs and both of us snoozed. At some point, I rolled on top of him and he didn't like it so he bit me on my bare calf with his big teeth. OUCH! He was rapidly ejected from the bed. The little bugger...

My long awaited linen finally arrived. Sadly, it's not DK like I had originally ordered but that's ok. I've got a lot of it so I can make several projects or even knit with 2 strands to simulate DK. I am borrowing a Dorothy Leclerc 4 harness table loom to try weaving some of it.

I walked up to the post office this afternoon to pick up another parcel. I traded several of my sock knitting bags for sock yarn. Aren't they pretty?

Left to right: Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Misty Moor, Thank Ewe superwash sock in Purple Mountain Majesty (top) and Blue Spruce tweed (bottom), Marion's superwash sock (dyed in Germany)

There was another parcel but it was adressed to hubby. It might be part of my birthday present. I gave it a good shake and it feels like a book. Hubby said it was a quilting book that he's been looking for. He's such a smart ass.

My sooper seekrit knitting project is almost finished. I have just a little bit left to knit and then it's onto the finishing. I'm sooo excited.

"Hmm... a strand of linen has escaped from the cone" - Ricky

"Gotcha!" - Ricky

"mmmm... tasty" - Ricky


Bea said...

Cute. He's quite photogenic. I can't wait to see what you do with the linen and all that other gorgeous yarn!

PurlingPirate said...

Nice score on the yarn!!!

Silly Ricky!! Biting the leg that kicks him!

So when exactly is your birthday?

Phyl said...

LUV that picture of Ricky with the cone of yarn.
Cats are great.....they love us and then turn on a dime if we dare irritate them.

We are their staff, remember.....

: )