Sunday, June 22, 2008

tired but happy

I'm pretty bushed. A day in my garden will do that to me. Lookit all my pretties:

I got up before the crack of dawn yesterday so that I could shop at my local garden center's biggest sale of the year. They opened at 5:07am and I wanted to be there early. Luckily, they're only a 5 min drive from my place so I set the alarm for 4:45am but I didn't actually roll out of bed right away. I bought a lot of plants, a huge sun hat (the picture doesn't show how huge the hat is), soil, stakes for my maple tree, and a purple (!) watering can.

I spent today planting all my new plants. I emptied out the 2 large urns by the back door and replanted them (the first two pictures above). The existing plants were so root bound that they weren't worth saving. I made up the fuschia hanging basket for the front porch and I planted a nishki willow and a sedum in the front flower bed. I also got the rosemary into a planter and finished planting my petunias. Then I ran around with the camera so that I would have pictures to show you.

I've spent lots of time knitting. My sooper seekret project is almost done. I bought the hardware and some notions needed for the finishing. My goal is to turn it into an FO by the end of the week.

On Fri, I spent an hour and a half waiting to see a doctor (my ears are still itchy) and knit about an inch and a half on hubby's sock. It doesn't sound like much but his socks are 80sts around and I'm using 2mm/US0 dpns. Gotta put your sunglasses on for this picture:

Here's a Ricky action shot:

He wants to sniff hubby's gardening pants but he's not quite sure where he can safely put his paws. It took him about 30 secs to go from the shelf onto the pants. Silly cat!

Gotta go do some online shopping. It's my birthday in a few weeks and my sister (who just came back from a 3 week European vacation and could've bought me something really, really nice from Italy - i.e. size 8 leather shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo which was right next door to their hotel) has no clue what to get me for my bday so I've been instructed to find something that can be purchased online and shipped directly to me. Should I make her buy me a full set of Addis?


knitseashore said...

Spending your day in the garden is one of the nicest ways to spend a summer day. It sounds like the early morning trip was worth all the new plants!

Your sister went to Italy?! Where did she visit? She definitely should have gotten those shoes for you. Can you find them online??!!

Bea said...

Love teh flowers! SO beautiful.

Ricky has my heart I think...

PurlingPirate said...

Love the sock!

I definitely need to go through my stash and see what STR I have! There's got to be some there your Sister could get for you! Although, really now, how could she have not gotten you the shoes?!!?