Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have lots of stuff to say but where to start? How 'bout the realization that my fabric and yarn stashes are too big. For example, I was looking for some double wide unbleached muslin to use as the backing for the embroidered flower quilt that I rescued. I looked everywhere - my stash of backing fabric (yes, it's got a different home than my regular fabric because I store it on the bolt), my stash of regular fabric, in the closet, under the bed - everywhere. So I ended up at the fabric store and they didn't have what I wanted so I bought something else. Guess what? I found my muslin hiding under some fabric for a mystery quilt (didn't think to look there because it was under a stack of "project" fabric rather than just regular fabric). I was looking for my bicycle fabric when I found it. Sigh... At least, I haven't basted the quilt yet so I can still use the unbleached muslin and give the new fabric a chance to lose itself in my stash.

And my yarn stash is too big. I know this because Ram Wools is having a 30% off everything sale yesterday and today (not too late for you to buy something) and I can't find anything I want to buy. Either I already have it or I don't want it. Am I broken? Maybe my gimpy ears are affecting my brain?

Speaking of ears, they're doing better but still slightly itchy especially at night which is really annoying. I try not to scratch... And of course, I got a migraine on Mon that lasted until Tues. It really was my fault because I'd stayed up til almost 3am to read a book and I couldn't sleep in because I had to get the cats to the vet for their annual bath and to get their teeth cleaned. So my head hurt and I had to dig Ricky out from under the ottoman and stuff him into his carrier and this is on top of the fact that they didn't get breakfast (teeth cleaning is done under general anesthesia so no brekkie). But it was worth it because they smell nice and they've got fresh breath.

You're probably wondering what I was reading - "The Shop on Blossom Street" by Debbie Macomber. I picked that book up plus the sequel - "A Good Yarn". Nice light reading and not too heavy on the knitting.

I went to the thrift store to look for handles for my market bag. I bought this huge roll of black nylon webbing that I think will work ok. I lucked out and got 4 and a half skeins of Lang Mille Colori:

It's a lovely self striping yarn. Don't know what I'll make with it.

After my migraine went away, I set up my Bond Classic knitting machine. I've been seeing this new sock yarn called Flat Feet. And now Knit Picks has sock blanks that you can dye yourself. So I hauled out the Bond and 3 skeins of natural sock yarn and away I went.

Here's sock blank #2 in progress. What you don't see is the disaster known as sock blank #1. It took 3 hours to knit and the tension was all over the place not to mention dropped stitches, etc. I frogged it this morning and had it reknit in 45 mins. I made 3 blanks using the full width of the knitting machine (100 sts). I want to dye the yarn blue and brown with Kool Aid. How do you make brown Kool Aid? Guess I'll figure that out after I post this.


Nikki said...

the kid in me is quite certain you can make brown Koolaid!

the spinner/knitter/wannabe dyer in me is next to positive that Spindle and Wheel did a story on it.

The "I spend too much time online" part of me is going to tell you the story is here:

Bea said...

I can't wait to see how you do with the brown! I don't have a clue but I would guess something yellow, something blue, and something red...

knitseashore said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and glad the cats survived their trip to the vet! Our Tim has to be put out for every procedure because he's so badly behaved, so we're quite familiar with the no breakfast routine. Ugh.

Good luck with your dyeing experiments!!