Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the day after

Thanks for your sympathy and comments. I did look up stashes in Ravelry (that method saved my butt on another project) but the yarn with the same dye lot is in Norway. The wedding is this Sat and there's no way it can get here in time for me to knit it up, and wash'n block. So the shrug is in serious timeout. I doubt that I'll wear the red dress again so I'll probably frog the shrug and use the yarn for something else.

Pattern: Lovely Lace Shrug by LanaKnits
Yarn: allhemp6 in Raspberry; 2 skeins; about 3 ft of yarn leftover
Needles: 6mm addi turbos
Notes: Ran out of yarn one row short of finishing the second sleeve. Knit an extra row on the first sleeve and grafted the 2 pieces together. Shrug does not fit across the back. Cannot put my arms down. I have a 43.5" chest and the shrug is sized to fit up to 42" so it should've been close but not this tight. I don't have obscenely wide shoulders or anything. This is such a bummer because I love this pattern and I love hemp.

I got the loom warped and I started weaving my scarf.

As you can see, I went with the Quartette yarn because it's so soft. The selvedges at the beginning look like crap but I'm more careful now so it's a lot more even.

I spent yesterday shopping (instead of doing chores - bad, Dotty!). Got lots of clothes and a new rug for the kitchen. I also bought some fabric for the ugly fabric challenge.

"That fat quarter under my butt feels pretty good" - Phoebe

Is this her way of helping or is she trying to tell me something about the ugly fabric?


PurlingPirate said...

Sorry about the shrug! The scarf is looking great though!

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate frogging that? It's very frustrating isn't it?
Your scarf is very cool!