Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sleeve island

I thought I'd be finished by now but I'm not.

I've had lots of knitting time but the yarn is really kicking my butt. Imagine a 2-ply crochet cotton thread, 8 strands of it, loosely twisted into a yarn. It's rough, splitty, and nasty. The first sleeve wasn't too bad because the yarn was frogged and reknit so it was softer. But this second sleeve is knit from the cone and it's stiff and hard. My fingertips are dry and rough and my hands are cramping.

During one of my "timeouts" from the sleeve, I drove over to the newly opened lys - Black Sheep Yarns. I touched Lamb's Pride for the first time, checked out Asland Trends, and I bought some Wildfoote sock yarn. It's a very nice store with large open spaces and lots of natural lighting. There's even a little patio out front - perfect for summer knit nites.

I should get back to that sleeve. It's not going to knit itself.

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knitseashore said...

I love your first line. You could put it on buttons and bumperstickers and things like that. It's so true of my projects, it hurts.