Monday, August 18, 2008

now, I've seen everything

I went to a quilt walk/show'n shine event yesterday and I saw this:

Pretty wild, eh? I love that they quilted a driver in the windshield. I saw lots of neat quilts and hubby drooled over the cars. Man, it was hot! I *ahem* bought stuff - Celebrated Craziness and Crazy Snow Days by Buggy Barn and a super jumbo applique pressing sheet.

Of course, I can't resist going into the local thrift store.

I bought these 2 pieces of Japanese sashiko. Traditionally, this is done on dark indigo cotton with white cotton thread so it was quite unique to see the rainbow colours.

On the knitting front, I've picked up Nancy's 20 year old sweater. I finished the sleeve on Fri and I've started the second sleeve. The bulky cotton is really hard on my hands. But it goes fast so it should be finished soon.

And Ricky was just loving the chest rubs that hubby was giving him. Awwwww!

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knitseashore said...

Pets to Ricky!

I'm wondering about Nancy's 20 year old sweater. Is this something you're finishing for someone else?

Love those quilt squares you found at the thrift shop, but that car cover is something else!