Monday, January 5, 2009

boosting the economy

It snowed, again. We got another 4". I tried shoveling this afternoon but it rained this morning so it's wet and heavy. Despite all my whining, I can't really complain. Aside from knitting, I have this to keep me entertained:

After thinking about a home theatre for 8 years (the amount of time we've owned the house), we finally bit the bullet and got ourselves a 50" plasma, a 7.1 receiver, subwoofer, center and left & right front speakers (haven't decided on the rear speakers yet). The TV stand is new, too. It took us days to move everything around in the living room and it's still a bit of a mess. Once the Christmas tree is put away, we can finalize the layout. I love it but there's a few details to work out. The window's directly across from the screen so there's a lot of glare. I'm constantly opening and closing the drapes. I've got a decorator coming in next week to help me choose new window coverings that will cut down the glare. Once they're installed, it'll be perfect :)


PurlingPirate said...

Fix me a bowl of popcorn, I can be there next week!

gayle said...

Can you put your tv spot on there? Might be kind of fun to see yourself larger than life!

Bea said...

We got blackout curtains for just that purpose!