Friday, January 23, 2009


After what seems like weeks of dense fog, the sun is shining and I've taken the opportunity to whip out my camera and take a bunch of much needed pictures.

I finished the first sample sock for BSY.

DiC Smooshy blocks extremely well and it's super soft too. Mmmmm... I love Smooshy.

I've finished the first ski sock and started on the second one.

Sportweight socks knit up soooo fast! I had originally cast on with some Mirasol Chirapa but it seems a little thinner than sport. I didn't like the fabric on 2.75mm needles and I didn't want to switch to smaller needles because I wanted thick socks for skiing. I might buy the thicker version of Chirapa - Hacho and give that a try.

Phoebe found a nice patch of sunshine to lie in.

Look at her crazy toe fur!

Ricky is snoozing under a blanket. After going to the vet twice this week, he's keeping a low profile. The poor dude is sick so he had to go in to have his blood taken and then they wanted a urine sample (waiting for a cat to pee is like watching water evaporate). The vet should be calling me today with the results and I'm hoping Ricky'll be ok.

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Bea said...

I love crazy toe fur, gorgeous socks and smooshy. I think you wrote this post just for me! Seriously love the socks. We aren't worried about keeping warm here. Too hot today. But I'm glad to see the sun is shining there too.