Friday, January 30, 2009

the lucky one

I'm busy running around doing chores before we go on vacation so I've only managed to finish one sock this week.

Hubby says it looks like blue camouflage (can you tell he used to hunt?) so now I call them my "blue camo" socks. Mirasol Hacho is certainly soft, sproingy, and very nice to knit up - no pooling or flashing even in the toe/heel. But it fuzzes quite easily. The toe & heel are made using w&t short rows. By the time I'm picking up the last wrap, the stitch that it's wrapped around is very fuzzy from the friction. I am a little worried about how well the yarn will hold up in my shoes despite the tight twist. Ah well, they're a quick knit and the yarn isn't too expensive so I'm not going to sweat it.

I got a very special package in the mail yesterday. My knitting friend, P-la gave me a heads up a few weeks ago that she'd sent something my way. She knows me well so I was expecting something purple with possibly the words "STR" related to it. I wasn't disappointed...

P-la made me this lovely shawl out of STR in Eggplanted (my second favourite colour after purple ;). Isn't she a special friend? Thank you soooo much, P-la. What a great surprise! I love the shape of it - not too long in the back but plenty of length in the front (and not too much bulk) for tying. And it doesn't slip off my shoulders if it comes untied. It looks great on me and I can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow. I'm sure to get lots of compliments.

This is Phoebe - giving me the evil eye while I try to shoo her off the back of the couch (need to fluff the down cushions). There was some hissing but she soon jumped off when I started waving the vacuum in her direction (gotta suck the cat hair off the cushions first). She has such a rough life.

Ricky is hanging in there. He doesn't mind the pills but he's really resisting the liquid antibiotics. Ricky's got a new nickname, "Pinky" because he's got pink stains around his mouth. I went shopping yesterday and bought some hypo-allergenic food for him. I wanted to eliminate the ingredients in his previous food (corn, wheat, chicken) from his diet in hopes that it will prevent reinfection. I was surprised at how prevalent chicken is in cat food. If the can says "herring & salmon", there's either chicken broth or chicken fat and even chicken liver in the ingredients list. I eventually settled on Wellness Beef & Salmon canned food and Nature's Balance Green Pea & Duck kibble. I also bought him some fish & venison treats. So far, he likes the canned food and the treats but he's not too keen on the kibble. Picky Ricky!!!!


PurlingPirate said...

You are very welcome! You deserve it!

gayle said...

hmmm duck kibble....does that make him a Qhuacker? Have a good holiday!

Bea said...

Now that you say it I can see the blue camo. Well now actually I can't see it as anything but blue camo. But until I read it not so much. Awesome gift from P-la. So pretty.

Ricky's food sounds good. Have you found anything with Lamb? I got some dog food with lamb in it to convince Abby to eat while she's having trouble standing and the CATS are going mad for it. We have to drag them away from the bowls so the dogs can eat their food. Its crazy.

Jane said...

Love that shawl! Thanks for entering my contest. I can tell that you are much too busy to ever suffer from Cabin Fever - that's a good thing!