Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the first day of the Chinese New Year. Yahoo! I have been eating myself into a stupor. Everything is either deep fried or preserved in sugar (my dentist is going to kill me). My favourite is sugar'd winter melon. It's like eating a stick of sugar - you can't even tell it was a melon.

All that sugar is powering my knitting needles.

Pattern: basic toe-up with short row heels & toes; 54 sts
Yarn: ONline Supersocke 6 ply Winter; col 884
Needles: 2.75mm dpns
Notes: Super fast knit! It's the 3rd time I've used this yarn and I still love it. Sadly, this is my very last skein. If you look closely, the socks match exactly. It was a complete fluke. BTW, these are my 38th pair.

I'm getting ready to knit my next pair of ski socks. After deciding that the Mirasol Chirapa was too thin to be sportweight, I went and bought 2 skeins of Mirasol Hacho. It claims to be DK but if I compare the yardage to the ONline, they're exactly the same yardage/weight - 125m/50g.

Ricky is currently mad at me. He does not like having pills and liquid antibiotics (even if it is "Very Berry" flavoured) shoved down his throat. But it is necessary if he wants to get better. Right now, he's a sad lump on the floor. Poor dude!

Hubby and I did something fun on Friday night with my alleged co-blogger, Gladys. But since the pictures are on her camera, I'll let her blog about it. ::hint:: ::hint::

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Bea said...

Love the socks! 38? wow.

I'm having Gus send Ricky some healing drool. I'm so used to saying the dogs instead of Gus, but right now Abby needs to heal herself. The dogs love pills because we wrap them in marshmellows. To bad you can't do that for a cat. Penny barfs any meds immediatly back up. Its awful.