Sunday, January 4, 2009

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Note: Wollmeise sock club spoiler ahead. If you haven't received your Christmas sock club shipment, you should skip this post.

The good: I am finally getting over this stupid cold. I'm off the couch but the dry cough is killing me. I can't sleep, I'm having problems swallowing, etc. Blech!

Also good: I went into work yesterday and picked out my Christmas present - a lovely Namaste Newport bag.

I had a choice between this one, the Laguna, and the Malibu. But the other two are so big! I'm not a big bag carrier so I picked the Newport.

Very good: My co-blogger, Gladys gave me Wollmeise for Christmas. Not just any Wollmeise - the Christmas sock club complete with pattern, gummies, and stitch marker (wrapped inside a yarn ball).

The bad: It snowed again - maybe another 4" yesterday. So I was sent home early from work and I won't be going into work today. It is a big sale weekend at the store but no one is coming out to buy yarn :(

Also bad: I cast on a new project instead of working on one of my current WIPs. Sigh... This is probably the only picture I'll post on the blog since it's going to be a surprise. You can keep track of my progress on Ravelry since the surprisee doesn't have access.

The ugly: While working on the newly cast-on project, I yanked this out of the skein -

Pretty nasty, eh?


Bea said...

Yay for Wollmeise and presents for friends/family. Yuck for knots in your skein and for overwhelming snows.

Timiae said...

You're a winner! We've chosen your suggested name of M&D Black Bird Singing for our little Poodle girl. I'll send the certificate as soon as I get your email address.