Tuesday, August 25, 2009

broken promises

I had hoped to have some knitting to show you but everything that I'm working on is top secret. Not that there has been much knitting. Still getting my new computer set up. I bought ink for the temporary printer and I figured out how to make the printer driver shut up. It talks a lot and it's really annoying. Then I merged files from 3-4 computers. I've got backups in case I overwrote a file with the wrong version. I also got the monitor software installed so that I can rotate the screen image when I rotate the monitor.

The rest of my time is taken up with SUV shopping. The Highlander that we were looking at (and made an offer on) has sold and there are no other Highlanders that meet our requirements so we've expanded our search to include the Honda Pilot. I test drove one yesterday and those things are cruise ship big. I think we'll go back to looking at Highlanders.

There was a big snarling cat fight outside the bathroom door yesterday morning while I was in the shower. When I got out to check on everyone, Phoebe had a ton of dried spit stuck to her neck and I had to pick up several tufts of white fur from the floor. Ricky doesn't have any new holes in his face as you can tell from this picture.

Ricky doesn't get bed head, he gets 'window fur'.

I'm off to see Rick Springfield tonite (and embarrass the heck out of hubby when I sing to all the songs) and hopefully, I'll be able to track down my favourite fair food - deep fried Oreos!!!! YUM!


Bea said...

Sorry about the yucky SUV shopping. You can always get a Mini :) They have a "big" one now :) Glad to see Ricky hasn't gained any new holes in his face.

Chris said...

Sounds like you had fun at Rick Springfield!!

Heh, I end up putting a kitty in time out in the bathroom more than once every day. I alternate them. *shakes head at fur tufts all over*