Sunday, August 23, 2009

new toys

I am blogging from my new toy (and my new 'office') - a brand spanking new desktop computer. The laptop has been relegated to the 'almost scrap heap' and my bootable HD in hubby's desktop will soon be reformatted (must make a backup before he does that). The CPU is pretty cool - it's got a big removable filter screen so that I can clean it when it gets filled up with fabric lint cuz it has to share space with my quilting corner. The area has been redesigned (aka cleaned up) but I still need to find a place for the scanner and the printer which is on back order. I get my own widescreen monitor and you should see the fancy monitor arm (costs more than the monitor!).

I can push the monitor out of the way when I need the space to sew/quilt and still be able to watch a movie or maybe a video tutorial. It pulls way out so that I can even see it while ironing. With 3 horizontal pivot points, 2 vertical, plus tilt & swivel, it's very versatile.

I can adjust it with the flick of my hand and it's very stable. It's a slick piece of hardware. I believe hubby is very jealous of my monitor arm.

Sorry but there's no knitting content today. I worked 3 days this week plus we had dinner guests on Thurs. Every spare moment has been spent getting my new toy up and running. Hopefully, I'll have some knitting to show you next time.

Ricky would like some sympathy for his boo boo (click on pic for a close up). He came up to me a few days ago with blood smeared on his face. On closer inspection, there is a good sized hole and I believe he walked into Phoebe's claw. I'm sure he started it.

Phoebe says, "Take that, Ricky!"

ETA: CarrieK (I can't find an email address for you) - I read these 4 books: "Cat in a Flamingo Fedora" and "Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit" both by Carole Nelson Douglas plus "Cat on the Edge" and "Cat Breaking Free" both by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. They are murder mysteries where a cat (Midnight Louie and Joe Grey/Dulcie respectively) solves/helps solve the crime. They're very fun to read.


Chris said...

Congrats on the new toy! The monitor arm does sound really cool.

Poor Ricky! Chaos has an odd little bald spot over one eye, which I suspect is from one of May's claws. Hard to say who started that one.

PurlingPirate said...

Poor Ricky!! Pats to him from my Alex.

That monitor arm looks pretty cool, do you think it can knit?

Bea said...

"he walked into Phoebe's claw..." This happens a lot in our house. I like that way of saying it. Poor Ricky.

Carrie K said...

Poor Ricky. Isn't it awful when you start it and someone else finishes it?

Hmm. I sense a reading theme. They sound like fun reads.