Saturday, August 29, 2009

wish I was Jessie's Girl

Be still my heart! Rick Springfield is soooo hot! And he's 60!!!!!!!!! OMG - the concert was fantastic. He got flashed by a woman and he flashed back (what a chest). ::drool:: The females in the audience were screaming at him (including yours truly).

(sock is intentionally out of focus)

I was knitting at the concert and on our way out, a couple passed us and imagine my surprise when the husband asked me if I finished my knitting project. I said no. He asked if I was knitting a sleeve and I told him I was working on socks. He wished me luck.


a said...

i agree! he is still hot. did he ever take off those stupid sunglasses? i would want to see his eyes!

Mel said...

Hey! RS is an AUSSIE! Maaaaate. Yeah, he'll always be kewl.

Sharon in Surrey said...

He's too damned old for you & you have Marcus in bicycle shorts!! And us on Wednesday nites. Better to admire from a distance. It's kinda like looking at wedding cake . . . it looks wonderful & exotic on the outside when it's all DONE up but it's just the same old cake under the icing!!